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  • 10/21/2012
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  • windoom
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  • Use bukkit, Survival server, PVE server, PVP server, Economy server,

    WinDooM is a SMP (survival) server, with the focus put on PvP. Due to this we have many plugins, like the clan system, that’ll aid in enhancing Minecraft’s PvP aspect. We also have plugins that will nerf certain overpowered aspects of the new PvP system, including enchantments for example, they are capped at level 2. We want to make sure that fights are balanced enough and mainly based on skill instead of gear or luck. Besides all of that, we have events that mostly involve forms of PvP, and a few arenas for spleef, PvP contests, TnT wars, and more! We also have clans, like mentioned before. These cost a lot of ingame money to create, so you have to work yourself towards them with jobs and shops by selling items. How much fun a clan is, is up to you. Active clans with active plans for raids and such are generally a lot of fun to be in, but most of the time you have to show them how worthy you truly are before being allowed to join one! We also provide a Livemap, that allows you to pinpoint anybody’s position on the world. This map can be found on the website, and is meant to make PvP more meaningful. You will constantly have to watch your back on the map, who knows what player might put a bounty on your head next!
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