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  • 10/09/2012
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  • duker
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  • Use bukkit, Vanilla server, Survival server, Roleplay server, Economy server, Challenge server,

    This server is a Skyblock server, owned by duker02. This isnít the official Skyblock server, but itís a fanmade one ;). This server has a shop, donation perks, and parties where you can play co-op! Commands: /sb - Help with the Skyblock commands. /sb tp - Teleport to your island. /sb new - Refresh your island. /sb invite - Invite someone to your party. /sb accept - Accept an invitation to a party (WARNING: Island will be deleted!). /sb decline - Decline an invitation to a party. /sb leave - Leave your current party. /sb makeleader - Make someone leader of your party. (REMEMBER: You must be leader of the party to use this!)