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  • 05/31/2017
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  • Konbbomba
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  • Use bukkit, Survival server, PVP server, Economy server, Faction server,

    SerpentMC Servers includes Factions, Survival, Minigames, & KitPvp. Minigames include: BedWars Hide And Seek Murder Mystery. Vanilla PVP map for your enjoyment. All games are based on PvP! (and much more to come) New Spawnershops in factions!!! Join us on Discord for info, we would love to hear from you. Enter code on the right where it says make server or join one, Message the staff there for any help on server side info! XVSBVh2 Interested in staff? We are recruiting. voting dont seem to work for this site :C works on all my other sites i use