The One, The Only, The Best!!! Cheesecraft!!![16 GB DEDICATED RAM][LOOKING FOR STAFF][Anti-Grief][Economy][MobArenas][200 Sots][Player Run Casinos]; at MCServerTracker -

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  • 10/14/2012
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    There is a reason we are called "The One, The Only, The Best". We are a uniquely created server known as "Cheesecraft", in which we allow freedom to the Minecraft Community striving to find "That Perfect Server". Globally ranked as one of the top Minecraft servers available, we offer the perfect setting to ensure the optimum experience possible on a Minecraft server anywhere. Along with having a small army of staff ready for your service, we also offer a wide array of plugins and commands to choose from! When it comes to your protection and the security of your builds, it is literally impossible the to grief and get away with it. Also, to help meet your needs, we have a moderator ticked request system if you are ever in need of a moderator’s assistance. Having months of experience running a server and supporting the community, our system is flawless, and has been ever since we started. We only have the best plugins available with ones such as: LogBlock: The Griefer Rollback Protection Solution; Used To Fix Anything That Has Been Griefed World Edit: An Intensive World Editing Plugin Only Given To The Most Trusted Players Mcbans: A Global Banning Solution Used To Protect Our Server From Known Griefers/Hackers Honeypot: A Trap Plugin Intended On Catching Griefers Before They Can Cause Actual Damage On The Server World Guard: The Protection Plugin We Use To Protect All Of Your Creations! Essentials: The Server’s Most "Essential" Plugin Which Provides Us With With Basic Server Commands Such As Time, Weather, Teleporting, Homes, etc. Are You Banned And Disagree With The Reason? Dispute Your Ban On Our Forums HERE Moderator Applications Are Being Reviewed And Accepted. Apply To Become A Moderator HERE Donating Not Only Helps The Server Itself, It Also Is A Great Way To Gain Instant Access To What The Server Has To Offer! IF YOUR EXPERIENCE ON CHEESECRAFT WASN’T THE BEST YOU’VE EVER HAD ON A SERVER BEFORE, PL
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