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  • 12/13/2016
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  • USMCVetGraham
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  • PVE server, PVP server, Roleplay server, Economy server, Faction server,

    Greetings from the Staff Team of MCGOT:ASOIF We are proud to announce to all that our server, under the Recrafted network, is currently in pre-release. we would love for you all to come join us for an alternate game of thrones experience where you, as the player, can create and write your own destiny. from being a common peasant to even becoming the future king or queen of Westeros. You can scheme your way to the top, betray friends and allies, become a new lord/lady of your own lands, or just raise money and fund wars. AT MC GOT, the choices we provide are endless and your options are as vast as the sea. MC GOT is role-play player vs player server. There is no need for Game of Thrones knowledge, the only thing you need to know is that the server is set in a fantasy medieval era, where it is okay to betray and where it is okay to be power hungry. We hope to see you on the server, and have fun!
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