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  • 05/20/2015
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  • Petr0lsk
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  • Use bukkit, Vanilla server, Survival server, PVP server,

    This is a Survival, Hardmode, customized Amplified-like terrain, Semi-Vanilla server. Gameplay is primarily focused on survival gameplay. Being that this is a customized world, you will see landscapes here which are similar to an Amplified terrain but you’ll find things here you won’t normally find on that type of server, including increased dungeon spawns (maxed out setting). Upon joining you are encouraged to find your own way in the world. It’s a harsher environment with prospect of death and danger around every corner. You are provided with 18 Shulker Shells and access to an Enderchest at spawn to protect your most valuable stuff until you are ready to face The End. Challenges are expected as well as the dangers of other player interactions with you. Shield and sword at the ready this Amplified gameplay.