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  • 07/20/2014
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  • uuhhBACON22
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  • dirtyores.enjin.com
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  • Use bukkit, Vanilla server, Survival server, Creative server, PVP server, Economy server, Prison server, Faction server,

    We are a dedicated server Based in New Zealand. We now have Multiverse!! We have a Bukkit world with lots of fun plugins like SilkSpawners, Carz, rSponge, ProtectionStones, Hunger Games Plugin and many more. We also have a Vanilla World set to hard difficulty for you minecraft purists a Factions world, Prison world and a SkyBlock world. There are also 2 creative worlds 1 superflat world for contrraption testing and one normal world for big creative builds. Recently added a building competition world. Some other plugins that we use are WorldGuard, Anti Xray, Essentials, etc. for the best minecraft experience that we can provide. We are a server geared more towords adult players. We are here to have fun, not to baby sit. in other words ...Douchebags WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! MajRatbag and myself (uuhhBACON22). are the owners and are very active on the server. We are not afraid to put people in their place :) we now have a 1.8 Vanilla Server and a Twilight Forest server on different ports. (join for details) Server Rules: No Griefing No Hacking No Douchebaggery Treat the other players with respect