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  • 10/11/2012
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  • maxthelinkfan
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  • Use bukkit, Survival server, PVE server, PVP server, Roleplay server, Economy server, Faction server,

    SonicPvP is a hardcore, pvp, factions-greifing server. We allow enderpearl glitches, and many other things. We have a good amount of rules, please take the time to read them in-game, or here. We also have 2-3 coders. An admin, a dev, and the owner (me :D) can all code. That means we can code custom plugins, making the game 10x more fun! ^-^ We also have a KitPvP branch of SonicPvP, you can log-in with this IP: (For KitPvP) -News- As one of our Halloween specials, VIP is half off! Just enter the coupon code "HALFOFFVIP" and you can get half off VIP! This special runs ítill October 31st. :) Donate here: