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  • 02/12/2013
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  • astidonius
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  • darkholm.com
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  • Use bukkit, Survival server, PVE server, PVP server, Economy server, Faction server,

    -==Welcome to Darkholm.net ==-- IP: Darkholm.net. Website: Darkholm.com Welcome to Darkholm hardcore factions. ======================================= We’re a dedicated Minecraft PvP server striving to give you the greatest Pvp experience you’ve ever had. Offering you mature professional administrators and moderators. Bringing you carefully selected and tweaked plugins to fit your Pvp needs. Downtime? no. We have been running a solid 4 years with an amazing fast host guaranteed to give you a lag free time. A short plugin list below will fill you in on the possible abilities you can obtain on Darkholm. ==================================================== Essentials: Allows for basic /sethome /rules /help commands. CombatTag: Prevents dirty combat loggers. HyperConomy: A unique Eco plugin that is enabled when you enter /warp shop. Decapitation: Want the heads of the players you’ve killed? Well, this is it! Factions: Allows you to create a clan to claim land and wage war with others! floAuction: Let’s you create player controlled Auctions to sell your valuables. mcMMO: A plugin that allows you to train certain skills and unlock new abilities. ( Axes and unarmed disabled for Pvp ) ================================================================== Wether it be blowing up someones base. Or maybe fighting at the Pvp arena with your friends. Or training skills and building bases. Darkholm offers a wide array of fun things to do. FULL STAFF LIST: Owners: -astidonius -Anointed_One Administrators: - IwasAsquidOnce - Omegas_Schlampe - Jewographer - srburnsey Moderators: - Joearcher362 - Schumitree - oOSaberToothOo - Welding7118 - Gob226 - Specialk99 - Protnore