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  • 10/19/2012
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    MC server IP: About the Server: • On a 24/7 dedicated server with 24gig RAM • A Factions server • Run by a mature, friendly, helpful staff, all over 20 • Generous! Get £1000 starting money and vote every 24hrs and earn £10,000! • Part of a wider established community • Super lotteries • TNT enabled Plugins: • Factions • McMMO • NoCheatPlus • CombatTag • Lottery • TNT destroys obsidian (2 hits required) • PVP protection for first 20mins Donor Perks • Access to warps • Daily Bonus • Discount Stores • Your own chestshop in a market place • Portable workbench • Disguise as mobs About Us: KiCraft was initially launched in Jan 2011. We aim to keep the server fresh and as up to date as possible. We run on our own 24GB dedicated server which is maintained by us for you! You can play as part of a faction or on your own. How you get your resources is completely up to you. You can grind for them, raid others or simply buy from the extensive shops that we have at spawn. In place we have a mumble server, forums and a website and you are welcome and encouraged to join us and speak to us on mumble. Griefing is allowed and is part of the fun. You can use TNT to raid your enemies even if they have encased themselves in an obsidian bunker. Two good hits from TNT and you will break their obsidian wall! We use unmodified Craftbukkit server jar and manage the server using Multicraft. The server runs on a RAMDisk to make sure that read/write times are at a minimum and to keep lag at an absolute minimum. We have sequential back up on the server to ensure the minimum data loss in the event of a failure. We also have specially made Event Raiding arena’s which allow players to run through the maze of traps and fight off the mobs in order to collect to the loot hidden in the chests. All events are run by admins and prizes are well worth kitting up for! So what are you waiting
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