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  • 09/30/2012
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  • SwiftSwamp
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  • Use bukkit, Survival server, PVE server, PVP server, Economy server,

    Click me to go to the servers Website. IP: No wait, no need to be accepted to be able to build, just log in and start! Running the latest Minecraft version (1.3.0+)
  • Player-Shops- Make money by selling your wares directly to other players. (By using [Trade] signs and or Web Shop)
  • Towns - Form your own towns
  • McMMO - Level up your character and get rewards in all kinds of different skills!
  • Animals / Monsters - Both passive and aggressive mobs.
  • Inventory / Chest / Door / Furnace protection - Used by typing /lwc in-game for information.
  • Live-updating Dynamic Map powered by Google Maps
  • Updating stats page that goes player by player or overall server information
  • Logging system so if you get griefed you can get rolled back and the user will get punishment.
  • Borders for each worlds
  • Custom Spawner Crafting and much more!
  • For various guides or details either check the forums for player made guides or the wiki: Hosted by:
    Server DynMap (