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  • 01/14/2017
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  • SpiderKicksButt
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  • Survival server, PVE server, Economy server,

    Welcome to the World of TomorrowLandv2! We are a Minecraft Server offering a few different servers for your playing FUN! We are constantly trying to refine each server to make your game experience the best it can be. We are family friendly offer a safe place to be and are also LGBT+ friendly. Please give us a try we are looking forward to creating a stable friendly community Our Servers currently consist of: Old Survival PvE (our very first server) Free (1.10.2 base) Protocol Hack Status: 24/7 Complete •Grief Prevention •Slime Fun + Exotic Garden addon •Infernal Mobs (OP Drops) •Auto Ranks (/fly /heal /repair etc at VIP++) •Auctions , Bags, Economy, Store, Jobs •FastCraft, Lockette, LuckyBlocks, Zenchantments •LibsDiguises, MyPet, Marriage, Sit, Killer Bunnies New Survival PvE: Free 1.11.2 Base Status: 24/7 Complete •Residences (Land Protection) •mcMMO •AutoRanks •Infernal Mobs (OP Drops), MobHunting •Magic, Advanced Achievements •GUI Shop, Fantastic Apples, Sign Editor •Random BloodMoon Phase •Auctions, Marriage, Killer Bunnies, FastCraft •Optional Paid Perks: ChopTree, EchoPet, FurnitureLib Creative Islands: Free 1.11.2 Base Status: 24/7 Complete •Standalone Creative server •Plots are complete Islands with Individual Biomes and Non Hostile Mob spawns. QuestTech: Custom ModPack Forge 1.7.10 Server with Launcher Status: 24/7 Complete Mini-Games: Free Status: 24/7 Work in Progress •SkyGrid •SkyBlock •HungerGames •Hide and Seek Zombie Apocalypse: (WhiteList Server One time Entry Fee required) Status: 24/7 Complete •Monster Apocalypse (Only Zombies) •8 Different Fortresses •Full PVP with Environmental Damage •AutoRanks / Kits based on Kills •World is reset multiple times per day. •100% FUN Vanilla Survival: (WhiteList Server One time Entry Fee required) Status: 24/7 95%